scan QR code

What is a QR code & how does QR code work & scan QR code 9 minutes

How do you do that scan QR codes, Scanning a QR OK, all you need is an app that scans your phone’s QR code. Many are available…

Comment in Html

How to learn HTML Comment in HTML

Comment in HTML The purpose of commenting in HTML is to let your co-worker know that I am designing a web page for a company today as…

logical formatting tags in html

logical formatting tags in html

What are logical tags in HTML? The word logical formatting tags in HTML English means arrangement or decoration. logical formatting tags in Html usually means text formatting….

what is a heading

what is a heading

what is a heading? Heading means headline or title. Before writing a story in a newspaper, a headline is given in capital letters to convey the main…

HTML tags

How to learn HTML Tags

What are HTML Tags In the previous tutorial, we learned about HTML elements. If an element is the body of HTML, then tags are the lifeblood of…

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