Hr tag in HTML example.jpg

Hr tag in HTML example

What is an hr tag in HTML, and Why is it Useful? The hr tag is an HTML tag example that stands for the horizontal rule. It…

Author in HTML.jpg

Author in HTML

Introduction Author in HTML An HTML author bio is a short paragraph that describes who you are and what you do. It usually appears in an HTML…

Sub and sup Tag in HTML.jpg

Sub and sup Tag in HTML

What is a Sub or Sup Html Tag? An HTML sub or sup tag is used to change the text’s vertical position. The sub and sup tags…

Form in html

How to Learn Form in html

I will discuss Form in Html and why this tag works. In short, the HTML <form> tag is used to create a form for user input If…

Comment in Html

How to learn HTML Comment in HTML

Comment in HTML The purpose of commenting in HTML is to let your co-worker know that I am designing a web page for a company today as…

How to learn html colors

The most important thing about a website is HTML colors. A website will look beautiful when its colour is beautiful. There are many types of colours we…

Html style

How to learn Html style

CSS can be applied for 3 inside Html. These include Inline Style which is input inside the Html, such as: <h1 style = “color: red;”> Hello Word…

Html code editor

HTML code editor Windows 10 Step-1: Click on the Windows icon at the bottom of the computer or click on the bottom (type here to search). Step-2:…

html quotation and citation elements

How do you cite a quote in HTML? The Bengali meaning of Html quotation and citation elements is quotation and the Bengali meaning of citation is illustrative….

logical formatting tags in html

logical formatting tags in html

What are logical tags in HTML? The word logical formatting tags in HTML English means arrangement or decoration. logical formatting tags in Html usually means text formatting….

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