History of HTML

History of HTML

History of HTML, HTML was created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in late 1991 but has not been officially released, then HTML 1.0 was released in 1993 to share information that can be read and accessed through a web browser. Later released in 1995 as HTML 2.0. The company name was revealed (internet engineering task force). Then some features are added inside HTML. That is <image teg>

Later, in 1997, everyone was attracted to Inter. The HTML 3.0 version was then created but was not made public. Later, the 1997 HTML 3.2 version was created, which focused on style but not on documentation. And for this the number of people reading HTML increases. And the browser CP started to decrease.

(History of HTML 4.01) was released in late 1999 and was a major version of HTML. Then Inter became popular and everyone started reading HTML. Then some features are added inside HTML. That is –

  1.  Operation of structure and presentation
  2.  Style sheet accessibility
  3.  client-side scripting
  4.  frames
  5.  advanced tables

(History of HTML 5) was published in late 1997 and was the latest version of HTML. And we’ve been using it to this day. Then some features are added inside Html. That is –

  1.  video audio
  2.  header
  3.  canvas
  4. footer
  5.  nav element.

Now let’s talk about Html. If you go to Google and type any letter, the result is a website. Google is a website. And when you click on the mouse and right button to see the text (view page source) click there, you can see a lot of HTML code. The first time you look at the code, it seems a bit complicated. There is nothing to take the tension, you will slowly begin to understand the code goal.

What is Html?

HTML is the HyperText Markup Language. In other words, HTML is the standard markup language for creating web pages. The basic structure of a web page is created using HTML markup. HTML is not a programming language, however, all programming languages ​​used for web development, including JavaScript and PHP, are more commonly used with HTML. So before learning to program, you must learn all the tags, elements, and attributes of HTML.

With HTML you can create all kinds of websites. In these tutorials, we have tried to explain everything about HTML in a good way. If you don’t understand the full text of the article, there is a video link below the code example of each article. You can understand the video in a simpler and more detailed way. Below each video is a text editor and the opportunity to view live results. You can practice on your own.

HTML is easy to learn and fun. At first, it seems a little difficult to understand but in fact, it is much easier. We play different games on the computer or mobile When you create one or two demos with HTML, you will have more fun than playing games in between. You enjoy it and move forward with confidence.

In general, it is a language through which a website can be created.

I know those of you who are coming to learn to kill. 80% of them don’t know what HTML is, so today I won’t explain to you what HTML is or how it works. HTML porn means (hypertext markup language) all of you are familiar with the website. HTML is used to create a website structure. Every word in HTML is called a tag, for example: <html> This is an HTML tag. If I were to explain to you why you would create HTML, it would take a long time and I would not be able to talk to you about HTML, so you click this link (read more). Before you know about HTML, you need to know about the history of HTML.

Start from Here

Everyone has a basic notepad on their computer. Start Screen for Windows8 and Windows10 … For Windows 8 and Windows7, the sphere with the Microsoft logo in the lower-left corner of the computer screen is called Windows Start Button. Click on it to open. Now type Notepad. Notepad can be seen above. Notepad ++ Open it by clicking on it or dragging it to the screen. For now, start your first HTML with this Notepad. Follow a few rules below.

  • Get started with each HTML document declaration.
  • Begin with the opening tag for each HTML document and end with the closing tag.
  • Everything that will be displayed in some browsers of the HTML document will come within the <body> opening tag and </body> closing tag.


Now save as index.html Now open the browser. You will see the results of what you have written. There is no special rule to save as index.html, but you must enter HTML after the dot. For example Page.html, new.html, bangla.html, etc. You can give any name you want before .html However, for HTML, the rule is to give HTML after the dot.

Practice with this notepad for a while. If the handwriting has improved a bit, download Notepad ++ from here and work with it Notepad ++ is currently being used a lot due to its many advantages. There are more such as Sublime Text, Brackets, Atom, etc. At Advanced Level, you can use many notepads, including Advi’s Dreamweaver, Microsoft’s Visual Studio, Oracle’s NetBeans.

<!DOCTYPE html> 
<html lang="en">
      <meta charset="UTF-8">
      <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
      <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
   <body> </body>

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