How to Learn HTML elements

HTML elements

HTML Elements refers to the elements of HTML. An HTML element consists of an opening <> tag and a closing </b> tag. And everything, including the content inside the tag, is called an element. Like <h1> … </h1> or <p> … </p> etc. are all HTML element. In this way, everything that comes between <head> … </head> <body> … </body>, including tags and attributes, is called an HTML element. With HTML you can create all kinds of websites. In these tutorials, we have tried to explain everything about HTML in a good way. If you don’t understand the full text of the article, there is a video link below the code example of each article. You can understand the video in a simpler and more detailed way.

HTML Empty Elements


This element sets the area of ​​the <area> tag.


This element determines the original URL of all links used on the page.


A line break is given by this element.


This element sets the column in the <colgroup> tag.


This element displays embedded files, images, plug-ins, etc.


This element creates a horizontal line to represent the two sections separately.


This element displays images on the website.


This element creates an input field.


This element connects the external stylesheet to the document.


This element contains the metadata or additional information of the document.


This element passes the parameters of the embedded object.

more elements


This element adds resources to the media element.


This element adds a text track for the media element.


This element gives line breaks where the sound is needed.

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