html quotation and citation elements

How do you cite a quote in HTML?

The Bengali meaning of Html quotation and citation elements is quotation and the Bengali meaning of citation is illustrative. Both are the same thing. Quotation and Citation are some of the special elements of HTML. And in some cases very urgent.

For example: –

I want a word that will be marked. If you move the mouse over it, you will see a brief description of the word. Sometimes HTML quotation marks have to be given on both sides of some sentences. In many cases, it may be necessary to identify one or two such articles and distinguish them from other articles. There are such solutions in HTML.

We all know the rules of writing an application. If you want to write an application in your own rules, you may need to use CSS. But HTML has that solution easily. The elements of Quotation and Citation are used in most of the paragraphs. These elements are increasingly used to sort out any news or paragraph in detail.


Coding Example:

<!DOCTYPE html> 
      <title> HTML Quotation and Citation Elements </title>
      <h4> Mouse over the word marked. </h4>
      <p> Our country <abbr title = "Pakistan Is An Independent Country"> Pakistan </abbr>We are proud of our country. </p>
      <h4> Enter the address like this. </h4>
      <address> beginnerwebdeveloper / <br> <br> Khorachi, Pakistan.</address>
      <h4> Quote the required sentences. </h4>
      <p> Reasons to learn web design: - <br><q> Web design is a demand of the present time </q> </p>

Result :

html quotation and citation elements

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