How to learn HTML Tags

What are HTML Tags

In the previous tutorial, we learned about HTML elements. If an element is the body of HTML, then tags are the lifeblood of that body. Because the element is expressed through HTML tags. Except for a few tags, almost all tags have opening tags and closing tags. For example <body> … </body> the first body is the opening tag, and the second body is the closing tag. But there are some tags like <br> <hr> <img> etc.

which do not require closing tags. Because we don’t create any blocks with these tags. The tags by which the block will be created must have closing tags. Such as a block from <html> to </html>. A block from <head> to </head>. Similarly <body> to </body> is a block. These opening tags and closing tags explain where a DIV starts and ends.


<!DOCTYPE html> 
      <meta charset=”utf-8″/>
      <title> HTML Tags </title>
      <h3>This Is a Heading.</h3>
      <p>This Is a Paragraph.</p>

The most widely used tags

<! —->

It means comment by. This means that the tag is commented in the code editor.


refers to the type of document. This is a guide for web browsers


is used for the original tag of an HTML document. It is the holder of all other HTML elements.


refers to the Head section of a document. It contains information such as links, metadata, etc.

The <title>

tag is used to name a title of a document.


refers to the Body section of a document. All the contents of an HTML document are included in the <body> tag.


Used to include images.


This tag means hyperlink, used to link from one page to another.


What are the 10 basic HTML tags?


<a> <img> <i> <div>
<br> <body> <strong> <b>
<h1> <p>



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