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How To Enable The NoScript Tag On Your Website?

The NoScript tag works when the browser does not support your script. Web browsers are currently being updated with script support in all browsers. Currently, about 10% of people using Windows 7 use older browsers. You can use this tag if you want them to come to your site and not see any kind of linking error. It does not need to be enabled. It works only if you enter this tag. There are such tags in

that 50% of people don’t know. I didn’t know when I started coding

10 Reasons To Use The NoScript Tag On Your Blog?

  1. Users will be able to understand whether their browser is new or old.
  2. Using a function you can understand how many users are using the old version browser.
  3. Users will not encounter any errors.

How To Use The Noscript Tag To Your Benefit?

You can use the <noscript> tag in the header or body. The <noscript> element may contain only <link>, <style>, and <meta> elements. If you are using WordPress then you can use header.php meta tags later and body tags on top so that your entire website will use this tag. Many people use this tag on the index page. This work is very useful. So the best suggestion is to place the header and body inside

Why You Should Disable JavaScript On Your Website?

There are several reasons for disabling JavaScript

    1. Either way, it does not support the browser.
    2. This script is not suitable for your website.
    3. The number of errors in the script is high.
    4. The script is too long.
<!--noscript is alternate content for people with scripts disabled in their browser-->
  <noscript><style>h1{color:red;}</style></noscript><!--noscript in <head> can only have <link>, <style>, or <meta> elements-->
  <script>document.body.innerHTML += "Hello, World!"</script>
  <noscript>You do not have JavaScript enabled in your browser.</noscript>
  <!-- anchor linking to external file -->
  <a href="">External Link</a>

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