Sort in php.jpg

Sort in php

PHP Sort a list of numbers This article explains how to sort an array of numbers in PHP. The report also discusses the different available sorting algorithms…

Resize() in jQuery.jpg

Resize() in jQuery

How to Use jQuery’s .resize() Method on Web Pages for Image Resizing or Element Size Adjustment The jQuery .resize() method is a powerful tool for changing the…

Count in php.jpg

Count in php

Counting from One to Ten in PHP This article aims to demonstrate how to count from one to ten in PHP. We will use the following code:…

What is queryselector in javascript.jpg

What is queryselector in javascript

What is A javascript QuerySelector? A querySelector is a function in JavaScript that selects an object from the document. It takes one argument: the CSS selector of…

jQuery slideup slidedown toggle.jpg

jQuery slideup slidedown toggle

What are jQuery SlideUp and Slide down Toggle? The jQuery SlideUp and Slidedown Toggle is a JavaScript plugin. That can create a sliding effect when clicking on…

jQuery on off toggle switch.jpg

jQuery on off toggle switch

Introduction to jQuery on-off toggle switch jQuery is a JavaScript library that is use to make web pages interactive. It has many different features, and one of…

jquery offset undefined.jpg

jquery offset undefined

What is JQuery Offset? JQuery Offset undefined is a JavaScript library use to handle the browser’s scrolling. It also allows you to scroll to a particular element…

Parentsuntil in jquery.jpg

Parentsuntil in jquery

What is JQuery ParentsUntil, and How Does it Work? JQuery ParentsUntil is a jQuery plugin that helps to animate the elements on the page. It is a…

JavaScript closest without jquery.jpg

JavaScript closest without jquery

introduction to JavaScript Closest Without Jquery Closest without Jquery is a JavaScript library. That searches for the closest match to the given text. The library can used…

The Fastest WordPress Theme.jpg

The Fastest WordPress Theme

What is the fastest WordPress theme of 2018? The fastest WordPress theme of 2018 is Divi. It’s a premium theme with many features, and it’s super fast….

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